The mission of the Jones Center is to strengthen family ties, to emphasize the worth of God's children (all persons) and to answer a community need.  


Harold Colbert Jones Memorial Community Center, (“Jones Center”), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located on the East side of Chicago Heights, serves the South Suburbs of Chicago.  Started as a full-service settlement house, it was founded nearly a century ago to meet the needs of newly arrived immigrants to this industrial suburb 30 miles south of Chicago.  True to its origins, Jones Center embraces all age groups with a variety of activities and programs that continue to express high principles and provide practical services.  Incorporated in 1917 within the State of Illinois, Jones Center has expanded its focus to answer the growing needs of a changing neighborhood. By offering educational and social service programs often not otherwise available, Jones Center continues to be a beacon of light. The vision of the Jones Center remains consistent:  to implement programs that provide immediate crisis relief, recreational outlets that offset the stress of poverty and environmental conditions, and long-term opportunities for personal growth and development.

To meet the needs of the community, Jones Center is committed to the quality and continuity of traditional programs – after school programs, summer day camps, teen programs, programs for seniors, health and fitness activities, computer classes, financial literacy, and a wide array of additional emergency services and outreach events.  The Center’s goal is to enable families to function effectively, free of crippling poverty, ensuring the literacy, numerical and technological capabilities of the young, nurturing the healthy development of the smallest to the largest children, and fostering the creative self-expression of children and adults alike.  With its unique ability to honor tradition even as it initiates need-responsive change, Jones Center, ever true to its purpose, remains ready to meet these challenges.